G.Bar is the crazzzziest
beauty bar network in the whole world
G.Bar was founded in 2015 in Kyiv. We reconsidered the classic market of beauty salons thereby creating a new trendy space - our beauty bar. G.Bar adheres to perfect makeup, hair styling, braiding, manicure, pedicure, and also coloring and haircuts as part of G.Lab. G.Bar has the atmosphere of a never-ending party. It saves you time with high quality services.
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G.Bar increased business 40 fold over 7 years.
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G.Bar is a global family
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What our franchisees say about us
Dasha, Vinnytsia
Dasha, Vinnytsia
It was my old dream to open a G.Bar in Vinnytsia.
After a year of having G. in Vinnytsia I realized that I was lucky with my team that I could fully trust; with the franchise team available 24/7 and of course with the clients who have fallen in love with G. and its trends!
And if I were asked now whether I wanted to buy the franchise I would definitely say “yes”! Because this is the big international family you could ever dream of.
Valia, Cherkasy
Valia, Cherkasy
G.Bar in Cherkasy is the third G. franchise.
G. has been working for 2 years in our city. For us it is the best investment that rapidly grows and develops every day.
G. is a huge franchise network, which is known not only in Ukraine, but also worldwide. The best part of it is that you can find your favorite G. in any city and have those very life-changing makeup and hair styling, perfect brows and amazing nails.
Olia, Kremenchuk
Olia, Kremenchuk
G.Bar is my first franchise experience and I am convinced that it is going to be successful. I was provided with business and process management tools, management standards, and also support at all implementation phases. I learn a lot and get such a pleasure from what I do. For me, this is a new experience and prospective.
Ania, Kharkiv
Ania, Kharkiv
G.Bar in Kharkiv is the second G. franchise. It was a very attractive and beautiful business that I wanted to join. There was a lot to do and so much to learn. But so far, I can tell you for sure the greatest joy is our team and the big G. family!
Ira, Kharkiv
Ira, Kharkiv
When I first got to G. in Kyiv I realized that I really want to bring this service and atmosphere to Kharkiv. In the beginning there was a lot to learn, and the words autoclave, highlighter, and clippers scared me with suspense, but day after day the launch team worked hard to make everything clear and simple.
After 2 years I am totally happy with the decision I made then. But most of all I am glad that wherever I come to - Odesa, Cherkasy, Vinnytsia, Zaporizhia - I can walk into G.Bar and feel like home.
Tania, Zaporizhia
Tania, Zaporizhia
When I signed the franchise agreement, I couldn’t even imagine how many cool experiences and inspiring acquaintances this would entail!
Lera and Sabina are crazy about the project and generate new ideas nonstop. And the launch team provides tremendous support both in the beginning of the project and after its launch. I am happy that I became part of a big family. And I am glad that I can bring this experience and project to my hometown!
Join our fuckinghardworking girls paradise
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What is included in the G.Bar franchise package
What support we provide before and after the launch of the project, the structure of the launch team and its functions
Full support before launch
Full support before launch
  • Financial/PR/Marketing/HR/IT support at the launch phase.
  • Development of a unique design project.
  • Consulting support regarding any business aspects.
  • Full package of standards and guidelines for each activity.
  • Support in renovation works.
  • Preparation of the list of services and the range of cosmetics and products.
  • Recommendations for the first purchase of cosmetics and equipment.
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  • Back-office support from personal manager for each franchisee
  • Consulting on all business aspects
  • PR/Marketing/IT/HR support
  • Financial and operational performance analysis of the beauty bar.
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  • Compliance with all G.Bar standards.
  • Following the corporate culture and values.
  • Financial performance control.
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Negotiation stages
Filling out the application
forecast for
the franchisee
Interview with
the franchisee
payment and signing
the contract
We answer the frequently asked questions (FAQ) of those who plan to open G.Par.
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What is the payback period (PBP)?
The payback period depends on region, macro- and microeconomic rates of the market. Average period is from two and a half years.
How big is the lump-sum fee? What is included?
The fee is country-specific:
it is calculated based on the cost of joining the franchise network, brand value and market potential. Ranges from 40 000 USD.
How much is the franchise fee?
It starts from 65 000 USD.
Investments for launch mostly depend on the premises you choose, starting from the expenses for renovation, rental price, the cost of equipment, and ending with the number of workplaces for artists. And also on chosen business model (beauty bar + café, beauty bar + photoroom and other collaborations).
Will I pay royalty? How do you calculate it? What is the frequency of payments?
Royalty is paid from the first month and amounts to 5% of your G.Bar turnover.
What is the term of Franchise Contract?
The franchise agreement is signed for the period of 5 years with further extension.
How long does it take to open/launch the business?
The average period from the signing of the contract to opening takes over 5 months. The main factor which influences this period is the search of premises for beauty bar, its state (necessity of dismantlement), renovation process.
Don’t hesitate! Just do it!
And we will help you
Don’t hesitate! Just do it! And we will help you

Hello! We are Lera Borodina and Sabina Musina, co-founders of the G.Bar international network!

We love what we do and we like people. We are thrilled that the G.Bar changes the mood and sometimes the life of a girl visits us before her important events or just because she loves to pamper herself!

Our dream is that the #gbarfamily will grow every day. And we let nothing to stop us! We want to and are already influencing the market with our fresh look at familiar services.

We care about every G. in every city as though they were our very own children!

In order to help you to get not only pleasure, but also income from your business we have created the best team of professionals; every day we upgrade our software, update the marketing and PR strategy, introduce new products, cherish our masters and the whole team and teach you to do the same!

Welcome to our big #gbarfamily!

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